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  1. Hi-
    I’m looking for all kinds of vintage backpacking/mountaineering gear and clothing but the two things on the top of my list right now are a sierra designs 3 man tent (tepee design) and a yakworks yak pack. I have a bunch of stuff that I can offer in trade as well as cash.

    1. Hello,
      First off just want to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I will certainly keep an eye out for the items you are looking for. The only tents I have right now are two-man from Alpine Designs and Sunshine. I also have medium size packs from Holubar and Alpine Designs. Feel free to check out the Basecamp Vintage eBay and Etsy stores for the latest and contact me directly if you see anything you like. Also any other items I can keep an eye out for let me know and I’ll do my best to find them.


  2. Hello,
    I recently bought a vintage daypack and the foam in the straps has hardened. Do you know of a place that repairs daypack straps?


  3. hi i can’t seem to get your etsy page to load on my computer. can you please tell me how much you want for the wilderness expeperience carry on bag. sure would love to find an original caribou mountaineering briefcase with the old style caribou tag. thanks much and best of luck

  4. Hi,

    I noticed that you have a Sierra Designs, Terra III listed here (yes it’s is a Terra III not IV – Terra III = 3 Seasons; Terra IV = 4 seasons; both had same foot print if I remember right).

    Anyway is it available for sale?

    Thank you,


  5. Im trying to find out if the AlpineDesigns plastic frame pack has sold , if not Im interested in buying it. Thanks John

    1. Hello and thank you for checking out the blog. Unfortunately this pack was sold to a buyer in Japan a while back. I will let you know if come across another.
      thanks again,

  6. Just wondering if your Roughear A-2 jacket is still available? A long shot as I think posted on Aug 14th
    Very many thanks

    1. Hi Vincent, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes the pack is Made in the USA. The earliest TNF Brown Labels did not contain the text “Made in the USA”. I believe it was in about the mid 1970s that they added it, even though everything prior to then was still made in the USA.

  7. I recently purchased 2 Camp 7 Boulder Colorado articles. One is a ski jacket or parka. it’s muted orange with a yellow-tan lining. The other is a mummy sleeping bag, bright blue. The jacket is incredible I paid about $6 for itat a thrift shop in Cedar Crest, New Mexico & the mummy sleeping bag I got today in Edgewood. New Mexico. I l

  8. Hello!
    I believe I found a pair of unworn Danner Lights from ’79 or early 80’s. They are in mint condition. The tongue reads Danner size 7n Style 48066 lot#7601. Please let me know if you’re interested in taking a look at them or if you can tell me more about the style/model. Thanks.

    1. A good pair of old Danner is always a great find! I don’t have much info specific to that style, but I bet you are right, an earlier version of what is now known as the Light. I’ve seen several different variations of the famed leather and Courdura uppers over the years.

  9. Hi! I have an Alpine Designs day pack designed for x-country skiing. I purchased it in, I believe, 1970. It is in great shape except for the zippers……all three are frozen up completely. I love the pack…..leather bottom and shoulder straps…..and very heavy duty fabric. I would like to find someone to replace the zippers in a way that respects the integrity of my old friend. Can you recommend someone? Many thanks for honoring our heritage!!

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for checking out the blog. Sounds like you have a great old bag on your hands. Is it just the zipper head that is stuck or are the teeth corroded together? If it just seems to be the zipper head you might try using some mineral oil (careful not to get it on the fabric) or some powdered graphite to see if you can free it up. working on the zipper head with a small screw driver to loosen its grip on the teeth may help get it sliding, Then you can clamp it back down with some pliers to make sure the teeth always join properly. I’ve fixed a lot of zippers that aren’t properly joining in this manner, but never un-stuck one….
      A couple professionals you could reach out to if you need zippers replaced are http://rainypass.com/ who is REI’s official repair shop. Or http://www.stitchlines.com/
      Hope you get that bag back in use soon.

  10. Hi love the site, im looki g for the name of a brand the jumpers ar like fleece material the have a big centre pocket with a big logo on it. The logo looks like sort of ethnic peint like native american or somthing? Sorry not a lot to go on but im desperate for the name thank you.

    Keep up the awsome site, fraser

  11. Hi there
    Im looking for the name of a brand they make fleece/jumpers with a half zip anf a centre pocket with a flap and a big logo on it. The logo is long and is in a sort of ethnic style print like native american.
    Thanks id really appreciate any help you can give me.

  12. Some time ago, I inherited a pack that looks something like the Swiss Army Backpack. It’s made of canvas, leather and metal. The front pouch has a Meili zipper pull.

    It has some stains, one of the straps is torn (the detached end is in the front pocket), it looks like someone’s name has been covered by a Magic Marker, and the leather fringe around the flap has some cracks.

    Before I cut this up, recycle the metal, and throw the rest away, I have to ask: Is this pack worth restoring? Would anyone want it?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Sounds like an interesting piece. The writing of ones name and sometimes address and phone is pretty common on these old pieces. I find a lot with that info on them. I’d say it’s worth restoring if you’re up for it. Or you could list it on eBay with all its interest and there may be someone out there who would want to restore it or use as a parts piece to restore another. Leather straps and other bits are hard to find so someone may want it. Thanks.

      1. Going twice… If anybody wants this, I’ll ship it anywhere in the US. If I don’t hear from anyone in a week or so, it’s going into the trash.

  13. Hi Rob!

    Simon from Montreal. Been collecting vintage era mountaineering backpacks for years. Do you have an e-mail address, I’d like to exchange knowledge! Looking forward to it.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if you still have those Frye suede boots and if so how much would they be, I wore those back in the ’70s on motorcycles, LOL

      1. Hi, stumbled upon your website… I recently picked up a pair of Banana Equipment ski pants. Bright blue they are nearly perfect shape. Not sure they were ever worn. Just wondering what you could tell me about them and if they have a collector value. I cross county ski occasionally and enjoy wearing them.

      2. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There is a collector market for Banana Equipment stuff. It’s primarily in Japan. Usually, and as is the case with most labels, jackets tend to do better than pants at market as they can be worn for more occasions. There might be some exception here as pants are more rare than jackets, from an already rare label. Looks like a pair sold on eBay at the end of November for just under a $100. Thanks.

  15. Hello. I have been trying to identify a vintage pup tent for over a year now. Is there a way I can post or send a pic for you to view?

  16. Hi there, I am looking for a late 1980’s – early 1990’s National Park ranger Jacket, along the lines of Washington State, by this I mean heavy, padded, waterproof, cold weather jacket. L or XL size would be best, but slim long sleeved M can still be good.
    Thank you.

  17. Hello–I’ve got an old (but GOOD condition) Camp7 (Boulder, CO) coat. It’s a thin spring jacket but it originates from the 80s, tan color. Would you be interested to buy it? I can send pictures! Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit me anymore. 😦



    1. Hello and thanks for writing. Some items are available, while others have sold. The post tags should indicate which is the case, but if there’s something in particular you are interested in please let me know.

  19. I have a royal blue down Alpine Designs hooded parka in a size small. I bought it in Boston in 1972. It is very puffy. Through the years, I could never bring myself to get rid of it. I decided to actually wear it this year and, wow, they don’t make them like this anymore. The down seems to actually react to one’s body heat to the point that it sometimes feels like I have a heating pad inside the parka. I hadn’t heard of the brand in years, so I Googled and found this site. Love what you are doing on this site.

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