Resoled Redwing 875 6″ Moc Toe Boots.

A while back I came across a used pair of Redwing 875.  The original soles had been worn to down to nothing but the uppers were in good shape. Knowing that they could be resoled I snatched them up for future use. They hung around in my garage for six months until this fall. I took them to my local Redwing retailer to have them sent back to the factory to be resoled. I was as little disappointed to find out they sent their boots to a local cobbler and not the place of origin, but agreed to send them out anyway. The local guy did a great job using Vibram soles instead of the Redwing stamped version.  When the boots landed back in the shop the associate oiled them and threw in some new laces before I picked them up.

If you are looking to get into a pair of Redwing having an old boot is a great way to go. Cost of the resole in this instance was $80 + tax.


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