LL Bean Canvas Duffle Bags

Vintage BEAN LL Bean Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag

Always love finding these bags and wanted to post a couple of examples. Most common colors are brown and duck (tan), but I’ve also seen blue in later models. The heart-shaped handles are unmistakable and a hallmark of LL Bean bags. They’re used on the all-leather tote,  wood carriers and even certain canvas (boat and tote) models. Contrary to popular belief,  or despite what listings say, the bottom is not leather. Instead, at least in the versions I’ve found, synthetic like vinyl. I am not saying there aren’t leather bottom versions out there, but at least in the case of these ( and the one is a rather old, script logo label), they are synthetic bottoms.



Filson Shelter Cloth Upland Bird Hunting Jacket Model 422B

Filson Shelter Cloth Upland Bird Hunting Jacket Model 422B

Discontinued  model 422B Filson upland hunting jacket. Base is a waxed cotton Shelter Cloth jacket with blaze orange shoulders up front and game pocket back. Shelter Cloth is Filson’s medium weight fabric allowing for good movement while maintaining weather proof durability. The blaze orange areas are not in shelter cloth, but a cotton blend. Soft collar lining sort of like moleskin. Game pocket is fully lined with Shelter Cloth.

1950’s USAF Type N-3B Flight Crew Jacket. Skyline 8415 Model

Vintage 1950's USAF type N-3B Flight Crew Jacket. Skyline 8415 Model. XXL

Older model N-B3 “Snorkle” parka . From what’s left of the black label, it appears to be made by Skyline. Originally used at Ellsworth AFB near Rapid City, SD.

It has wool lined pockets and a real fur snorkel hood (though patches of the fur are missing). Has reflective strips (see odd color strips on front and back) sewed on. Not sure if this was added at the base or later for civilian use. I’ve come across photos of other parkas with the same reflective addition, so I am assuming the was added on base to make ground crew more visible at night. Conmar zipper at main closure and on the sleeve pocket. This particular parka is in pretty rough shape and has some repairs.

1950s Sport Chief MG Gabardine Jacket

1950s Sport Chief Jacket Size 38 Rockabilly Gabardine

Vintage Sport Chief gaberdine jacket by Chief Apparel of NY. Gabardine, an early water and wind repellant fabric gets it’s qualities from the manner in which it is woven. It remained a popular option until the development of more sophisticated weatherproof materials made of nylon. This jacket features Leather shoulders, pocket accents and button covers. Front closure is attained by a Conmar locking zipper. The liner features the MG automobile company logo. Not sure if this was a promotional piece, or the Chief Apparel designers were just fans.

Ross Stefan Oil on Canvas – “Antelope Girl at the Summer Hogan” 1971

Ross Stefan Oil on Canvas - "Antelope Girl at the Summer Hogan" 1971

Arizona based artist Ross Stefan (1934 -1999) original art dated 1971. Titled “Antelope Girl at the Summer Hogan”,  this piece depicts a Navajo woman, girl as the title suggests, seemingly older and wiser than other girls. She peers inquisitively off over her right shoulder. The artist’s impressionist style coming through in the hues and lines of the hogan in the background. A turquoise earring dangles complementing the chambray shirt, a mix of traditional and modern styles . Pink splashes in the background reflections of the Arizona desert, land and sky where she lives.

This piece was acquired as is. Sadly neglected in its last home. Appears to have water damage resulting in fading and gradation of paint on the front throughout the background and the woman’s hair. Fortunately her face, the focal point of the piece has been spared the worst of it. Some small paint chips in her hair and pink behind her head.

Marking show this is clearly a documented work and you won’t find documentation of it elsewhere on the internet. Piece is available for purchase. Email Rob@basecampvintage.com for details.


Buddy Lee 13″ Composition Doll in Lee Dungaree Overalls and Cap

Buddy Lee 13" Composition Doll in Lee Dungaree Overalls and Cap

This Buddy Lee Doll is of the composition variety and measures 13″ head to toe. There are no Buddy Lee markings on the doll body. Clothes bear an early Lee Union Made Label. The overalls, shirt and hat were essentially miniature replicas of actual Lee products as Buddy Lee was in fact a salesman’s sample as well as a promotional tool.

Unfortunately with this doll the paint is rough, almost porous on the body. The arms however are much smoother. Appear to be of a different material than the composition body. Left leg appears to have been repaired. Painted boots are a little chipped up. Right thumb and pinky appear to have been chipped.

Alpinestars Hi-Point Western Style Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Hi-Point Western Style Motorcycle Boots

Rare pair of western style Hi-Point boots by Alpinestars. We’ve all seen the mx “mad max” boots, but these are something else. Based on a pretty traditional round toe western style upper. 10.75″ shaft. Looped boot pulls at the top. Double stitched all around. Heavy duty welt attaches the beefy soles made by Skywalk for Alpinestars (also made boot soles for Vasque hiking boots) 2.25″ heel height. Hypnotic vinyl Hi-point patches stitched on. Stamped size 43. Can’t find anything on them. Not sure if they were a demo piece or what. I’d guess late 70s early 80s on the age.