World War II Era US Air Forces Type A-1 Heavy Flight Boots by Bristolite

WWII era United States army Air Forces uniform A-1 shearling flight boots. The boots shown here are 10″ tall size XS and may actually be women’s boots.  Other pairs I’ve seen were larger and the tongue tag read Mens instead of Wos. Not a war historian, but can’t imagine too many ladies donned these boots in those days. Crown Zippers with ankle and upper belts and buckles for added fit. Shearling lining runs throughout the uppers except for the sole. In each of these boots are two thick wool insoles as well as a wool foot bed. Don’t know if the added soles were standard issue or later additions by the wearer to increase warmth and or fit.

Bits of the US Air Forces logo still visible on the outside of the uppers, but most of the dark tanning has come off.  These boots are of a similar era to the Type A-2 jacket seen on my blog, but a little later.  The U.S. Army Air Forces became the U.S. Air Forces in 1947.
Tag reads:

SIZE………Wos XS 5-6 1/2
STOCK No. AF-8305


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