Tall L.L. Bean Insulate Main Hunting Shoe

Based on the original boot created by Leon Leonwood Bean in 1912, this 1970s version of the boot maintains the character and functionality that launched the brand. Leather uppers and rubber bottoms these boots were meant to lend a good foot feel of the terrain to hunters in soggy lands. This 12″ tall insulated version offers a little more protection from the cold in the form of a lightly lined rubber bottom.  Other past and present iterations of this boot range in height from low-cut shoes to 6,  8 and 10 inch versions and up to 16 inches. Triple stitching attach the uppers to bottoms while double stitching throughout makes for a rugged classic. The hand written font on the label denotes these are an older version from before the company switched to a block font sometime in the 1970s.


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