Ross Stefan Oil on Canvas – “Antelope Girl at the Summer Hogan” 1971

Ross Stefan Oil on Canvas - "Antelope Girl at the Summer Hogan" 1971

Arizona based artist Ross Stefan (1934 -1999) original art dated 1971. Titled “Antelope Girl at the Summer Hogan”,  this piece depicts a Navajo woman, girl as the title suggests, seemingly older and wiser than other girls. She peers inquisitively off over her right shoulder. The artist’s impressionist style coming through in the hues and lines of the hogan in the background. A turquoise earring dangles complementing the chambray shirt, a mix of traditional and modern styles . Pink splashes in the background reflections of the Arizona desert, land and sky where she lives.

This piece was acquired as is. Sadly neglected in its last home. Appears to have water damage resulting in fading and gradation of paint on the front throughout the background and the woman’s hair. Fortunately her face, the focal point of the piece has been spared the worst of it. Some small paint chips in her hair and pink behind her head.

Marking show this is clearly a documented work and you won’t find documentation of it elsewhere on the internet. Piece is available for purchase. Email for details.



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