1982 Bell Moto 3 Helmet

1982 Bell Moto 3 helmet

You are looking at a prime example of an original Bell Moto 3 helmet. There’s been a lot of buzz around this iconic full-face motocross helmet in the last couple years. The lids have gained somewhat of a cult following amongst both the chopper and cafe crowds and today, even worn examples like this sell for upwards of $300 on Etsy and eBay. The demand has reached such a fever pitch it’s inspired Bell to reintroduce the design amid a flock of imitators doing the same.

The history of the Moto 3 begins with the introduction of the Motostar in the late 70s and continues to present times with a series of numbered iterations. Contrary to what I’ve read, the Moto 3 is not the beginning of the line and was not introduced in the early 70s. Early Bell helmets (and this goes for some other manufacturers as well) are dated on the chin strap with an embossed or printed month and year. You can see here, this particular example is 8/82.

Looking for a cheaper, less cliché full face option to complete your look? Try the Moto 3’s younger brother the Moto 4. Similar in style, the 4 sells for around a third of the price while still offering that vintage motocross look you desire. Wanting something even cheaper and more original? Search for vintage Bieffe motocross helmets. They’re of a more late-80s early 90s aesthetic, complete with awesome decal arrangements and sell for around $30 in good used condition.