Vintage Class-5 Day Pack Backpack

Vintage Class-5 Class 5 Day Pack Backpack

Class-5 day pack rucksack. This bag dawns the original label with the reading “Class-5 Mountain Equipage. Designers, Manufacturers & Purveyors to the Public”
This bag has three compartments, one main, one front and a top compartment on the flap.

The bag also features:

  • This maroon bag has navy stitching throughout
  • 5 soft leather lashing squares
  • leather gusseted shoulder strap mounts
  • padded shoulder straps
  • waist strap with aluminum clasp and ring

Class-5 was isĀ  California-based outdoor gear company founded in the early 70s by Justus Bauschinger a designer for Trailwise and The North Face. The company was known for their innovative designs and marketing.