Sierra Designs Superflash 2 man 4 season tent

Good example of this somewhat iconic tent. Not free-standing but keeps itself up when staked at the corners. Very sturdy when rain fly is pulled over the top. Fly comes all the way to the ground. Guy lines provided added steadiness in any weather situation. Great shape. Allows two occupants to sit fully upright with plenty of room to spare over head. Tabs in the corners of the ceiling lead me to believe a gear hammock was available for inside. Not a ton of space for gear with tow occupants and only enough vestibule for the rain fly for boots, and other odds and ends not needed inside.


Vintage Sierra Designs Terra III Geodesic Tent

Sierra Designs Terra III / Terra IV Tent

Vintage Sierra Designs Terra Tent. I am unsure if this tent is the Terra III or IV but I am going with III as it appears it would  sleep 3 more comfortably.  Here’s what Sierra Designs had to say about the then in a piece of promotional material for it:

“Sierra Designs Terra III and Terra IV geodesic domes. These tents incorporate strength, simplicity, and real value. Designed for comfortable, rugged three-and four-season use and built with Sierra Designs’ renowned attention to detail and high quality? Come on in and check ’em out for your self !” click here to view original postcard.

In pieces this assembling this tent looks a little bit daunting, but as noted in the instructions it is in fact quite simple to pitch and nearly impossible to mess up.

Measures approx:
84 inches across
80 inches deep
48 inches high
Weighs approx:  8 Lbs

Includes: directions, 1 extra pole, 3 extra rings/discs, 2 extra ferruls, 3 extra nylon cords, 5 stakes (1 missing). Small vintage Camp 7 stuff included as the parts bag.