Vasque Trail Boots

Vintage Vasque Trail Boots

Vasque trail boots.  Uppers in nice shape with only some minor scuffing. Ankle cuff and internal padding still nice and soft. Double tongue. 5 swivel eyelets, 2 hook lacing. Vibram soles still in excellent shape and  the welt is still in good shape maintaining all stitching.

Inside markings read:
8 1/2 N 06050
T72 6235

Weight: 30 ounces/boot


4 thoughts on “Vasque Trail Boots

  1. I bought a pair of Vasque in 1978, for $89, boy was my late Bride PO’d, but they’re still in great shape and I’d say that $89 bucks for 35 years is a pretty good bargain! I’ve taken good care of them (cleaned and mink oiled bi-annually). I still where them, I live in the Sierra and these (almost) 35 year old boots still give me sure footing in the Summer and the Winter (great in the snow). Best pair of boots I’ve ever owned!

    1. It is true, you get what you pay for. While I can’t say that I have owned a pair of these boots for that kind of time I can say that my father still owns and wears the pair of Vasque boots he bought as a college student in the mid-70s. I grew up admiring them and they are a big part of why I love all this old camping gear today.
      I recently found my self a nice pair of Raichle Wasatch model boots probably of the same era. They fit perfect and I look forward to having them for years to come. It’s amazing how difficult it is to find a good old pair of boots in a 9D. people just don’t get rid of them!
      Thanks for checking out the blog.

  2. Still have mine. Not sure how many resoles I’ve put on them. If memory serves, I paid about $70 for them in 1978. Was a lot of coin back then but turned out to be an excellent purchase.

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