Vasque Trail Boots

Vintage Vasque Trail Boots

Vasque trail boots.  Uppers in nice shape with only some minor scuffing. Ankle cuff and internal padding still nice and soft. Double tongue. 5 swivel eyelets, 2 hook lacing. Vibram soles still in excellent shape and  the welt is still in good shape maintaining all stitching.

Inside markings read:
8 1/2 N 06050
T72 6235

Weight: 30 ounces/boot

Men’s Vasque Hiking Boots

Vintage Vasque Hiking Boots

Beautiful Vintage Vasque “waffle stomper” hiking/climbing boots circa early-mid 1970s. These boots are almost in NOS condition! Soles show little signs of wear tongues are straight and leather remains untreated. Ankle padding is soft and supple as is the top ankle cuff. Iconic Vasque “V” stamp is a little faded but still clearly visible. All stitching complete and intact. Treated heel stitching.

Vibram Sole stamped:

Uppers Stamped:
71/2 W 19403
Vasque Boots tag on inside left tongue

5 D-ring 3 hook lace-up