Coleman Peak 1 Day Pack Backpack

Peak 1 was Coleman’s foray into the light-weight backpacking world and though Peak 1 may never have got the respect in this area as some of the other smaller brands of the era they still made goods with the quality Coleman was founded on. This day pack is an excellent example in my opinion. It is small, simple and unique.

The pack is very small at only 13.5 inches tall and 12 inches wide at the bottom, but it has plenty of strap to fit over the shoulders of the most grown man. It’s a great size for putting in your over night pack for day trips on a multi-day trip. Wider at the top than it is at the bottom but it’s evened out when the front pocket is stuffed.

The padded straps might be the only unnecessary bulk, but they’d make for a comfortable hike. Slightly A frame in structure but not as much as other packs. The zippered top opening gives you the access of a ruck sack with a clean, secure closure. The zipper extends as far as it possibly can opening the top up like a tin can.

The pack is in good condition. There are no holes or major stains. The inside is clean and the protective coating is not deteriorating. The Label has been scribed with the owner’s last name as well as the inside of the top flap

This pack is currently available, contact for details


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