Red Wing’s Irish Setter Hunting/Work Boots – Made in the USA

Nice older pair of Red Wing Irish Setter hunting/work boots. These boots have been cared for as evident in the leather, not dried and cracking around the toe creases as you so often see. Feel and look like a nice old ball glove, great patina with lots of character.

These boots are NOT steel toe. They have a storm welt still in good condition, all stitching is intact and the boots is not pulling up at all.  The Vibram Soles are in  good shape. Some wear around the heels with still plenty of life left in the lugs

Double and triple stitched uppers in places all intact through out booth boots. Normal scuffing and scrapes on the heels and toes. A scratch on the left boot’s toe and heel but nothing that permeates the leather. 5 lower lace holes followed by 4 loops and a grommet at the top. Single Red Wing’s Irish Setter Sport Boot Made in the USA  tag in the right boot tongue.  Faintly stamped 14 D in the right boot.

8″ shaft height
1.5″ heel
14.5″ heel to toe (sole)
4 7/8″ across at widest (sole)


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