1995 SIMS Noah Salasnek – USS Salasnek – Noahs Ark

If you were riding in the mid nineties you remember it well, the era when snowboard graphics went from neon splashes to skate inspired middle fingers to society. Twin tip boards over took directional race set ups and Summit County, Colorado exploded into a freestyle snowboarding mecca. Noah’s Ark was the follow-up to Noah Salasnek’s monumental “Skate Deck” from the previous year. Essentially the same board, the 1995 graphics pushed the envelope further. A ship full of unsavory characters, hoodlums, gangsters, skaters and brawlers represented snowboarding’s new direction.  This board is seen with period correct Sims pre-ratchet, full-based low back bindings.


6 thoughts on “1995 SIMS Noah Salasnek – USS Salasnek – Noahs Ark

  1. I have one exactly like this in my basement, one edge is break out on a length of just 2 cm, otherwise it’s in decent shape. Can anyone give me an estimation what value it has?

    1. the collector market for these old snowboards is growing. I think this example went for around $250. Your edge might be repairable for riding purposes, but the board may also just be wanted as a wall hanger.

  2. Thanks, so i guess it was a good decision to not throw it on the dumb :-)….If anyone badly wants it and is willing to pay a good price and pick it up in Austria/Vienna its here. Don’t really want to ship it, guess i’ll just use it as a wall hanger myself for now…

  3. no longer for sale as my 3 year old kid fell in love with it :-)….would be the end of the world for him if i sell this now.

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