Singer Featherweight Travel Sewing Machine Model 221J

This is a Singer featherweight model # 221J made in St Johns, Canada 1961. Serial # JE154076.  Numbers starting with JE were among the last to come from the St. Johns factory which operated from 1904 – the early 1960s. There’s a myriad of history and information on the web around these machines as they’re highly prized and collected. As far as I could tell the 221J is a version of the 221K, the third iteration of the machine.  221 were and still are prized for having the capabilities of a full size machine, including attachments, in a relatively light and compact piece. Traveling seamstresses, club quilters and collectors still covet these machines today. I am not a sewing machine expert, but  know enough from growing up with a mom who sewed everything to thread and run this machine. It threads much the same as larger, later model Singers.


11 thoughts on “Singer Featherweight Travel Sewing Machine Model 221J

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