Alpenlite Internal Frame backpack – Ventura, California

Alpenlite Internal Frame backpack - Ventura, California

You are looking at a nice Alpenlite internal frame pack. Alpinlite, I believe originated in Claremont, California and plenty examples of earlier goods can be found bearing that city name under their mountainous logo. Based on this design and the city of Ventura, I would guess it’s a later label circa late 70s or 80s. Similar to some JanSport packs this Alpenlite maintains a day pack type look and feel, in a larger reinforced package.

This pack has an interesting ‘X’ braced frame structure and suspended strap rigging. Pack construction consists of one large main compartment, two side canister type pockets, one front pocket on the flap of the main compartment, and a small top pocket above the shoulder straps. I added the red lashings I had lying around and they will come with it. My guess is the original would have been yellow like that of the loop. It’s a little hard to tell in the photos but the bottom is khaki, loop is yellow which make for a nice color combo. Leather lashings top and bottom with the metal D rings on the front. padded waist strap as well.




The North Face Leather Bottom Rucksack Backpack – Brown Label Made in the USA

Early TNF larger size semi-rigid tear drop shaped rucksack with extremely impressive ergo dynamics.  Classic TNF navy blue nylon makes up the back and sides, while the back panel is made of a heavy cotton. Two hidden rods, most likely a heavy plastic run from the bottom inside points up along the seam between the back panel and side to the top of the pack. These rods bow so when the pack is worn they start near your shoulder blades and end up on the sides of your hips. It pretty much hugs you when you wear it.

Beautifully styled with a suede leather bottom, lashing squares on the side, front and top flap. Felted strap pads attached to dark olive color nylon web straps. Top flap has zippered access underneath. Adjustable clasp waist strap. Large top and bottom hanging loops.

A truly amazing functional and fashionable pack.

17″ from top of straps to bottom of back panel
16″ across at bottom
6.5″ deep
Top flap measures 10.5″x11″

JanSport Internal Frame Backpack

Early model JanSport internal frame multi-day pack. This bag is the first of its kind I’ve ever came across and I must say, an awesome piece. Constructed of heavy-duty Cordura, this pack features two main compartments. The upper compartment can be divided by a zippable partition and is accessible through the top flap. The second compartment is accessible from the right side bottom. Both compartments have a nylon gator with draw string and cord lock to keep the contents well protected from the elements.Rigidness comes from two flat aluminum or synthetic non removable bars spanning the length of the back panel.

For as much gear as can be carried on the inside of this pack, the external capabilities are ridiculous. This pack has various lashing squares spanning top to bottom making it possible to attach items to the top, front, bottom and sides.

The pack is carried using nicely, but not overly padded straps adjustable top and bottom and secured to the pack with a leather gusset on the back panel. The waist strap is integrated into the pack nicely and forms a nice support to keep weight off the shoulders.

No size tag, but believed to be a Med or Large. See measurements below:

Top of the straps of to the bottom of waist strap = 21″
Back Panel top to bottom 44.5 inches
Back Panel width at top of the straps = 8″
Back Panel width at bottom of the straps = 14