Authentic Vintage Lion’s Drag Strip ‘Class Winner Jacket’ Buddie Original by Alsup Enterprises. Bellflower, CA

This is an authentic Lion’s Drag Strip Class winner jacket. Mid-1960s era. Jacket is a Buddie Original by Alsup Enterprises of Bellflower, CA. Jacket appears to be garage worn, with some grease spots on right elbow, back of jacket an left elbow. Front has tiny hole near snaps that doesn’t go all the way through. Also some slight thread bare spots. Inside satin is dirty around the bottom third. Small hole on left inside lapel. Right armpit lining is a little blown out as well. Collar is dingy, but in nice shape otherwise. This jacket does have its condition issues. I am selling as is and leaving up to the buyer to either restore or enjoy in its original glory.

Ralph is chain stitched on the left lapel. My research indicates this would have been added by the winner and not included at time of presentation. Closest possible match I can find on a driver would be Ralph Hayes registered in 64 and 65 in a Chrysler Hemi AA/FD dragster driver out of California.