1950s Monarch USN G1 Flight Jacket

Vintage 1950s Monarch USN G1 Flight Jacket

This is a prime example of the sought after Monarch USN G1 flight jacket. The Monarch made jackets were produced just one year post WWII in 1951. The jacket shows specification MIL-J-7823 (AER) and contract no. N383s-80667.  Features of this particular style that set it apart from other flight jackets such as the A-2 used by the USAAF include a “belted” back, gusseted shoulder seems at the back for greater movement. Shearling collar with collar strap and a large internal map pocket. The jackets were constructed of soft but durable goat skin.  Jackets are marked USN with stencil on the underside of the collar.




Type A-2 Flight Jacket by Rough Wear Clothing Co.

WWII era Rough Wear Clothing Co. Type A-2 Horsehide Flight Jacket size 36. Rough Wear was one of several different companies to produce these “summer” jackets for the US Army Air Force as is was called in those days. Earlier contract numbers from them date back to pre-war, but the model number on this one puts it in war-time production. The label, markings, hardware and stitching are all consistent with those found on other original jackets. This jacket has no art work present on it, but you can see the stitch marks from where a bar patch was sewn on each shoulder epaulet.

The horsehide exterior is in nice shape with no holes, stains, or significant gauging. Nice patina and wear throughout, this jacket appears not to have been re dyed maintaining its russet-brown color. Most significant wear on the leather is in the elbows but all stitching is still intact. The cotton inside is still complete but is coming away at the neckline and armpits. Cotton cuffs have been replaced with a slightly darker brown than the waist and hand stitched to the lining.

Tag reads:

Type A-2
Drawing No. 30-1415
Contract No. W535AC-27752
Rough Wear Clothing Co.
Middletown, PA
Property Air Force U.S. Army