Holubar Royalite II Tent

Holubar Royalite II Tent

Classic and iconic design can be found in this early 70s Holubar Royalight II tent. The example seen here is unfortunately without the rain fly that would have accompanied it. The model was a semi-traditional A-frame style tent with adjoining shock-cord laced poles up front and a single pole down the center of the foot of the tent. Tent can be vented at the front and foot through screen lined windows.

The 1973 Backpacker Magazine “Tent Issue” (issue 3) praises the tent for top-notch construction quality but goes on to say, “The beautiful construction quality makes the tent’s shortcomings that much more frustrating.” Sighting the fit of the rain fly, door zipper placements and weight. The article goes on to praise Holubar’s new tent, the Chateau as a better design.

The North Face OI-22 Brown Label Tent – Two man Three season

The North Face Vintage OI-22 Brown Label Tent - Backpacking 3 season

This is a nice example of the The North Face OI-22 tent. “OI” being for oval intention and 22 for two-man two poles. This light weight two-man tent uses two poles in a double helix fashion to erect. The poles lock into riveted brass rings on at the corners of the tent. The rain fly sits atop the poles and is staked down as well.

Inside the area measures:
59 inches across in the center
97.5 inches long (head to toe)
37 inches high at its highest.

approx. 5lbs

Poles are ghosted with the writing The North Face 25.

Two small velcro up windows at each end with mesh storage below. TALON zippers on bug screen and outer door.