Altra kit Mountain Parka

This Altra Kits of Boulder Colorado mountain parka is your quintessential parka and very comparable to other parkas of this era by companies like Class 5, The North Face, Holubar, Gerry and others.  Good weight to the parka due to the double layer throughout. Red 60/40 poly cotton shell with a  slightly lighter cotton blend interior in Tan. Two-way TALON heavy gauge loop tooth zipper in black. Velcro closure on the storm flap, hip pockets and breast pockets and inner pocket. Nylon draw cord cinch at waist and hood and at the waist.

This parka is in nice condition for its age. Clean fabric that shows little signs of heavy wear.  Some light staining on the back of the right sleeve and around the wrists.  No holes or snags. Washed and ready to wear.

Altra was one of the last to jump on the outdoor kit bus behind frostline and holubar.  This gear was sold as sew-at-home packages during the 70s and  80s and allowed people to construct high quality gear at a fraction of the price (if the purchaser was or knew a capable sewer of course). This piece in particular is extremely well sewn. Nice straight stitches, no breaks, they followed the pattern to the T.

23″ pit to pit
22.5″ pit to cuff
30 inches neck seam to cuff
29.5″ top of zipper to hem


7 thoughts on “Altra kit Mountain Parka

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have any specific source for these type of directions. I would suggest posting in some camping and outdoor forums and possibly someone will have the info you need. I’ll be sure to let you know if I come across anything that may be of help. In the future I’d like to have this information available via PDF download so I will be sure to keep an eye out for you.

  1. II too came across an Altra Down Parka Kit. My does have the tail end of the instructions but not the beginning. I would like to have the beginning insturctions. I tried the Mother Earth web site but have not heard back from them yet. If anyone can help with this it would be appreciated. Beverly (Bev’s Attic Fabric Shop)

  2. My name is Gene. I got a kit around 1972. The material was blue. It looks very much like the red one. I have a hood, also. I absolutely love the parka. It still serves me well after all these years. I am surprised you are still selling the kit. Thank you.

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