Sierra Designs single Man Backpacking Tent – Oakland CA

Classic Oakland California era Sierra Designs single person backpacking tent.  This tent looks as if it borrows structural engineering from Spanish architect Félix Candela using arches to make a simple yet durable structure.

Includes all original pieces:
Rain Fly
Plastic composite and aluminum poles (8 pieces)
5 stakes
1 Sierra Designs Oakland CA tent bag
Small Sierra Designs Berkeley CA stuff sack (added bonus)

Condition wise this tent is in great shape for its age. No holes or rips in the tent body or fly, all seams are complete and the zippers work great. Some blue has transferred to the white of the tent top after being stored rolled up for years. Floor of the tent is remarkably clean, indicating the tent was used very little.  Has a little of that old nylon tent smell but has been airing out for the last two weeks and will continue to until point of sale.

Approximate Measurements:
Packed weight: 4.5 lbs
Packed size: 28″ x 6″ x 3.5

Set up:
44″ tall at front
15″ at feet
95″ head to toe
44″ across


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