Alpine Designs “A” Frame Backpacking Tent

Take your backpacking trip back in time a few years with this early 70s A frame tent by Alpine Designs of Boulder Colorado. The always innovative George Lamb and his team did a great job on this simple, classic tent incorporating some great features.

This single wall tent features zippered screen and full door entries at either end making it ideal for two occupants. The tent also has zippered floor access at one end. Construction is achieved via four half inch diameter collapsible aluminum poles ran through the tent pole casing and lining into a machined aluminum member at the top. A draw cord running though the tent peak at the ends runs through this member and is staked into the ground. The rain fly sits over the top and ties to the tent cords or stakes into the ground on it’s own in some places.
Approx Measurements:
Packed Weight: 7lbs
Packed Size 18″ x 11″ x 6″
Erected Measurements
93″ head to toe
59″ across
45″ high

4 thoughts on “Alpine Designs “A” Frame Backpacking Tent

  1. I just came across something similar to this, i was looking for info when I came to your page. GREAT INFO thank you! Mine has a green ALP logo with an embroidered columbine flower and reads
    a quality product
    by ALP SPORT, inc.
    Boulder/Colorado U.S.A.

    I have tent rainfly and poles, it too has front and rear access as well as floor access it is blue with red zippers and a light sky blue rain fly. Very cool. Thanks again!

    1. I don’t have a definitive answer for that, but keeping in mind that these tents were designed for year round use, the floor access could have a number of uses that would other wise involve getting out of the tent to do. Access to cold storage in the snow, a worry-free cooking surface…

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