1950s Sport Chief MG Gabardine Jacket

1950s Sport Chief Jacket Size 38 Rockabilly Gabardine

Vintage Sport Chief gaberdine jacket by Chief Apparel of NY. Gabardine, an early water and wind repellant fabric gets it’s qualities from the manner in which it is woven. It remained a popular option until the development of more sophisticated weatherproof materials made of nylon. This jacket features Leather shoulders, pocket accents and button covers. Front closure is attained by a Conmar locking zipper. The liner features the MG automobile company logo. Not sure if this was a promotional piece, or the Chief Apparel designers were just fans.


1950’S “Cossacks” Wool Car Club Jacket


The base is a Golden Bear, wool varsity style jacket. Faded burgundy patterned nylon lining, ribbed elastic cuffs, hem and collar. The jacket itself is a dark green with white snaps and accents. Would be a pretty cool jacket to have on its own, but that’s just the base. A fully embroidered back piece let’s you know this dude was one bad ass Cossack. Big top rocker spells it our for you in a cool font. The C trails off in the shape of a Cossack sword called the Shashka. Below that a real fierce-looking fella rides into glory, sword drawn, jockeying a V8 like a horse. Bottom rocker reads “Hayward Calif”. Chain stitched on the front left breast is “Jim”. Under that reads “FoMoCo” indicating this was a Ford squad, or at least Jim was partial to them.

I can’t find any information on the Cossacks car club. I am almost certain there is no relationship to the now famed motorcycle gang. Judging by this jacket, the car club predated the MC by quite a few years.



100% VIirgin Wool Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

This here is a classic, light weight, 100% virgin wool Filson Cruiser. Beautiful dark olive-green, this virgin wool is tightly woven and soft enough to wear on skin.

This classic cruiser design features:

  • 6 Filson embossed snap closure
  • 4 front pockets with snap flap closure
  • Divided pen pocket on front left breast pocket
  • Smaller watch type pocket on front left hip pocket
  • Rear pass through game pocket.

The name “Cruiser” stems from a term for timber surveyor’s in the Pacific Northwest for whom Filson’s original design was patterned for.

Woolrich Striped Hudson Bay Blanket Jacket

Vintage Woolrich Hudson Bay blanket inspired  jacket. These Heavy weight wool jackets feature a  heavy-duty two-way YKK  “sleeping bag” zipper. The zipper is hidden behind a Woolrich logo stamped snap button placket. Blanket stitched edges outline the openings and add durability to the piece. Hudson Bay woolens come in various color combinations, but he green, red and yellow may just be the very best.

Pendleton Wool Poncho Blanket – Knockabouts

Knockabouts by Pendleton 100% virgin wool poncho/blanket. This Gold, Red. Brown, and Navy Plaid poncho measures 51 inches along the tassel side and 41 inches down the other. In the center is a 16 inch long double zipper which allows the poncho to become a solid blanket.

Made in the USA by  Pendleton Woolen Mills of Portland, Oregon