Banana Equipment Anorak Parka

Banana Equipment is among my favorite of all the early Colorado labels. Banana’s slogan was “products with a peel” and they were one of the first companies to put Gore-Tex fabric to proper use. This simple pullover is a single light weight water/wind barrier when your out in the elements. 1/4 zip YKK zipper closure with banana embossed snaps.  Great two-piece design hood with peak and underlying draw cord for a nice,functional closure. Velcro close kangaroo pouch pocket with overlaying storm flap. Velcro cinch cuffs, and bottom draw cord round out this pieces simple structure. Back of Gore-Tex label marked IV-79, it would make perfect sense for jacket to be from 1979. Seam sealant is still visible on the unlined fabric, common on early Gore-Tex goods

Banana Equipment was founded in Estes Park, Colorado in 1972 and  the brand was later sold in 1980. Labels changed slightly over the years. At one time they bear the location Boulder, Colorado and later versions don’t contain a city at all. Recently the label has been resurrected and a new line of day packs are available. Find the new Banana Equipment at


Banana Equipment Anorak Parka

Vintage Banana Equipment Anorak Parka

Banana Equipment was a label born in Estes Park Colorado, at the foot of Rocky Mountain National park in the 1970s. Like the other Colorado companies of that era, they created quality goods for the serious outdoors men and were early to incorporate advancements in materials such as Gore-Tex.

This Anorak parka was produced later on in the company’s life time. As suggested by the color combination and logo, this piece was probably produced in the mid 80s. An earlier label would have included ‘Estes Park USA’ under the Gorilla.

Rather simple by design, this parka consists of a single layer poly/nylon fabric lower and double layers around the yoke. A nylon draw cord at the bottom is used rather than the more popular waist placement of that era. The front of the yoke reveals a small kangaroo pocket when unbuttoned.

Production runs of Banana Equipment products were small and these pieces are harder to come by than similar era outdoor equipment manufacturers.