Gerry Down Pants – Underwear

Gerry Down Pants - Long Underwear

Diamond quilted nylon throughout. Gerry’s down filling gives you the “warmth without the weight”. All stitching appears to be intact, still full of down, waist band elastic and ankle cuffs in great shape too.  3 snap fly.

Gerry is the iconic label that pioneered a new era in outdoor gear. Founded in the mid 1940s by Gerry Cunningham in Colorado the company was responsible for several outdoor gear innovations and a leader in quality and technology through the 70s and 80s. Earlier labels I’ve seen are similar to this one but list only Boulder; Gerry’s Denver stores didn’t come about till the mid-60s (so I’ve read). Later logos change completely and list only Denver. I would estimate this logo from the Mid-Late 60s