About the Basecamp Vintage Logo

Our Logo has been winterized! If you’re wondering, the logo is based on an image of Long’s Peak, elevation 14,259 ft. The peak is prominent along Colorado’s front range. Despite getting plenty of snow, Colorado receives an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. Advertisements

The North Face Brown Label Fiberfill II Coat

The North Face Brown Label Fiberfill II Coat

Vintage The North Face Brown Label Fiberfill II Coat.  Virtually the same pattern as their iconic down coats with a Fiberfill insulation. Not nearly as poofy,  but equally as warm. The beauty of Fiberfill over down is there’s no feathers to come spewing out! This coat features: top and side entry front pockets snap closure…

labelVintage Hi-Gear 60/40 Parka

Hi-Gear 60/40 Parka.

Japan made Hi-Gear Parka. The outer shell, technically 65/35 blend is fully lined  with a 100% nylon interior.  A Burgundy western-cut yoke extends up in to a three-piece hood, while also forming the top flap for two snap close breast pockets. The Burgundy snap fronts and stitching are continued throughout the piece for a nice…

Levi's Big E Selvedge Denim 501

Big E Levi’s 501 Selvedge Jeans

Levi’s Big E sevledge 501s, no patch. Double sided LEVI’S red tag. Single stitched back and coin pocket. No markings on button backs.  Riveted rear pockets. These old jeans have a great look to them, but are showing signs of their age. Moderate to heavy wear in the crotch, both front pockets have large holes,…

Vintage Banana Equipment Anorak Parka

Banana Equipment Anorak Parka

Banana Equipment was a label born in Estes Park Colorado, at the foot of Rocky Mountain National park in the 1970s. Like the other Colorado companies of that era, they created quality goods for the serious outdoors men and were early to incorporate advancements in materials such as Gore-Tex. This Anorak parka was produced later on in…

Vintage WESCO Boss Engingeer Boots

WESCO Motorcycle/Work Boots

Unique boots in the fact that they zip the length of the shaft on the outside. The lower part of the boot is essentially the same as the Boss engineer boot, showing the same construction and ankle strap, above that is a 10.5 inch, heavy gauge gold TALON Zipper. WESCO does make custom boots, It’s…