REI Expedition Down Jacket.

This is a legitimate expedition weight REI down parka. You’d probably have to collect the down from about 4 of your average TNF or Holubar down jackets to get up to this thing’s standard. When fluffed the thing sits about 8″ thick laying flat zipped up. Contains about 2.5 lb worth of down fill. Has heavy gauge zip closure with snap over flap. Also has an a line of snaps on the inside storm flap so you can close the jacket without zipping. Not sure if this is so one doesn’t have to work a zipper in freezing cold or so that the wear can breath just a little if they chose. Double snap option runs all the way up through the snorkel hood. Has two insulated pockets outside and one inside.


Get this thing fully buttoned up and cinched and you’ll look just like Kenny from Southpark. In today’s age this would be easily four figures worth of down fill goodness. 


Natural Comfort for REI 65/35 Parka

Natural Comfort for REI 60/40 Parka

Natural Comfort for Recreational Equipment Inc. This piece displays all the cut and quality of rivals of its day like Holubar, Woolrich, Gerry, and Bauer.

  • Dual layered 65/35 poly/cotton through out with fully lined Nylon sleeves and lower.
  • 2 Top and side entry waist pocket, 2 chest pockets, zippered inner breast pocket, 2 inner waist pockets and one zippered external duck pocket.
  • Heavy Duty YKK Double Zip in Grey contrast to the beige inner.
  • Embossed snap closure
  • Thick Velcro adjustable wrists
  • Awesome Blue and White cinch cord around hood and waist with leather button keepers on the end.

Relatively little is known about the maker itself but the quality is definitely on par with what REI demanded. REI contracted other manufacturers to make gear for the Co-op such as Thaw, a Seattle based company producing down gear. This jacket has good weight and good lines. I especially like the hood construction consisting of two pieces one wrapping around and up the back and the other capping off the top and down the front side.