Buco Motorcycle Half Helmet

This vintage Buco  helmet seems to be the same shape as the Guardian model, but is not labeled as such on the rear snap. Three snap front for shield and visor attachments. Buco embossed rivets on the exterior for the straps, rear snap is also embossed by the maker. Adjustable inside from 6 1/2 – 8″ Vinyl ear flaps, chin strap and and D ring. This helmet is very comfortable despite not  having  the cloth coated foam padding we are used to in more modern helmets. In fact the only real padding in this helmet is in the very top of the helmet allowing the heavy lid to sit more comfortably on the crown of the head.

The exterior is a blue sparkle paint with the addition of red reflective stickering. I am unsure if the stickers are aftermarket or not.


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