Woolrich Striped Hudson Bay Blanket Jacket

Vintage Woolrich Hudson Bay blanket inspired  jacket. These Heavy weight wool jackets feature a  heavy-duty two-way YKK  “sleeping bag” zipper. The zipper is hidden behind a Woolrich logo stamped snap button placket. Blanket stitched edges outline the openings and add durability to the piece. Hudson Bay woolens come in various color combinations, but he green, red and yellow may just be the very best.


2 thoughts on “Woolrich Striped Hudson Bay Blanket Jacket

  1. I have owned a Hudson Bay Woolrich jackets for the past 46 yrs. It is still in perfect condition and I am asked all the time where/when I purchased it. So many people have shown a serious interest in buying it from me. However, I really have no idea how much it is worth. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you!

    1. These jackets are still as desirable now as they were 46 years ago! There are various styles and makers which along with condition effect price. The jacket i listed sold for a little over $100 which is pretty typical. The best way to find current market value is to search sold items on eBay. This shows what items are selling for, not just how much people are asking. Thanks for looking. Rob

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